Gee discharged from hospital, recovering from surgery

Tuesday afternoon, Dillon Gee spoke with reporters during a conference call to discuss his injury, surgery and recovery from a blood clot that was in the artery of his right shoulder.

“Right now I feel good. My arm feels good. All the symptoms are gone,” Gee said. “That’s the positive. It’s been a long week for me… Once we found out everything was going to be okay, my thoughts went from very scared to very disappointed.”

Gee told reporters that he has experienced occasional numbness in his pitching arm since 2010. The amount of numbness he had on July 8, however, was the worst he had ever felt. The numbness had gone up to his shoulder and doctors could not find a pulse in his arm.

During his surgery on July 13, doctors took a vein from Gee’s groin and used it to enlarge his artery, which had narrowed by 96%.

The clot in Gee’s artery was non-life threatening, and if it had broken off, it would have traveled no further than his right hand.

Gee was discharged from the hospital yesterday, and could potentially begin throwing in six weeks.

“I really can’t do anything,” Gee said. “Just kind of try to let that artery heal.”

Gee is still hopeful that he could pitch at some point in the 2012 season. He said, however, that he would not jeopardize his career by rushing back to pitch.