Note: Angel Pagan, 10-gm Hit Streak and Mistakes

Angel Pagan had three hits last night to continue his 10-game hitting streak.

Pagan is batting .313 with 30 extra base hits in 67 games.

He’s hitting .325 when batting from the leadoff spot, while hitting .360 with runners on base.

the thing is, again, last night, he made another costly base-running mistake… in the fifth inning, he was tagged out at third base while trying to advance from second on a ball hit to the shortstop, right in front of him… later, he was thrown out at second base when, i assume, he lost track of how many outs there were… from what i can gather, having talked with people connected to the team, he has also missed several signs from coaches this season, be it in the box or on the bases

Following last night’s game, Jerry Manuel was asked about Pagan’s mental mistakes, to which he said:

“Well, because of what you see, you have to be somewhat concerned, as far as going forward, if you’re talking about Championship Play and performance and things… It’s unfortunate, here’s a guy with three hits, hitting over .300, and there’s a lot of positive things that he does, but, unfortunately, those things are hard to accept, very difficult to swallow.” 

the thing is, the guy can hit… when it comes to swinging the bat, he’s been fantastic… also, he covers lots of ground in the outfield and has a strong glove

Manuel was asked about Pagan on WFAN earlier this week, and said:

“We do feel he has enough talent to be a fourth outfielder, no question… I think what I’m seeing is, we have a young man who has tremendous talent, who is still growing in baseball, as far as baseball goes.  With that growth, you’re going to get some setbacks.  For instance (on Tuesday night), he has to get that bunt down, or at least attempt to put that ball on the ground, and he didn’t do either… These are things you have to live with, because the guy is playing regularly at the major-league level.  You have to ask, does that fit?  It can fit if everything else is doing its thing.  If he’s having a career year, you can live with some of those mistakes.”

…it’s hard to follow jerry sometimes, when he’s trying to politically correct and no offend his players, but, i think, what he’s trying to say is, if pagan is going to hit like he’s hitting, and the rest of the team is healthy and performing like it should, i.e., Jose Reyes and Carlos Beltran are in the lineup, David Wright is hitting for power, etc., then the team can live with pagan’s mental mistakes because it all fits together and the team will score runs regardless…

…in either case, i do not think it is wise to imagine pagan as a starting outfielder on next season’s team… i do, however, love knowing he’s in the mix, and, if all else fails, can handle the job, while giving me peace of mind knowing he can be one hell of a multi-talented bench player

To listen to Manuel’s entire interview, click here.

Pagan is eligible for arbitration each of the next two seasons, after which he can become a free agent.