News: Reyes is not Milking It, One More Shot at Running

Update, 10:32 pm:

To see video of Reyes speaking to reporters, use the video player in the sidebar of

Update, 8:01 pm:

Here is a transcript of what Reyes said – it’s towards the end, when he talks about how hard he’s been working, when he starts to choke up with slights tears in his eyes:

“I never thought it would take me this long to be back on the field… This is not an easy injury that I have.  I have a tear in my tendon.  People think it’s like a normal hamstring injury, it’s not normal.  I have a tear there.  When you have a tear it’s different.  That’s gonna take a long time to heal.  So, people have to understand that.  Because, I like to be on the field and play with the team.  Sometimes, people think, ‘Oh, Reyes, he doesn’t want to play.’  Why would people think I don’t want to be on the field with my team?  I love to play baseball.  I love to be on the field.  I love to have fun.  I love to enjoy the game.  That’s what I do.  So, I don’t know why people sometimes think like I don’t want to be on the field.  I live for baseball.  I’ve been playing since I was little.  I can’t do nothing in my house but watch TV and spend time with my family.  But, I love to be on the field.  So, that’s my main goal.  If I’m ready the last week of the season I’ll play the last week of the season.  I’ve been working so hard… you guys… you guys don’t know… how hard I’ve been working.  I’ve been working so hard, I mean, the past four months, but, so far it hasn’t worked.  So, hopefully it works quick.”

man, i hope the silver lining to all of this is that these guys appreciate the game more, work hard, bond, and are all better off – as a team – next season… i have a feeling it will… but, of course, i’m a baseball romantic

Update, 6:30 pm:

…i just watched video of reyes speaking to reporters from the locker room, and he sounded very annoyed, and defensive, basically saying he is working hard and want to be back on the field helping his teammates… he said he doesn’t understand why people are saying otherwise

Original Post:

Prior to today’s game, Jerry Manuel said Jose Reyes is still working to get back in the lineup this season.

“The more questions we can answer now, the better we’ll be in spring training,” Manuel said, speaking to reporters in Citi Field.

Reyes later said he will try to run the bases one more time this season, and if it does not go well he will consider surgery.

In either case, Manuel said it will be up to Reyes if he plays Winter Ball this off season, adding, “If he feels he needs to answer questions, it’s a good venue.”

According to the New York Post, “Reyes was very animated and angry on what he perceived to be the feeling among ‘some people,’ i.e., fans, talk radio, ‘the media,’ etc., that he has been milking the injury.

Speaking of injuries, and other stuff…

Manuel also said the chances of Carlos Delgado playing again this season have been ‘upgraded,’ as he could end up back on the field for the final two weeks of the season.

Manuel said he is not concerned with David Wright’s drop in home runs, though he is concerned about the increase in strikeouts.

“I think if a guy has that type of strength, it’ll come back,” he said.  “When you have high a strikeout ratio, though, the lack of power becomes a concern.”

Manuel does not believe Citi Field has had a psychological impact on Wright.