News: Mets end up with 7th Pick

The Mets will have the seventh overall pick in next season’s draft, according to Jim Callis of Baseball America.

…the important thing here is, because they finished in the worst 15, the Mets will not lose their top pick if they sign a Type A Free Agent, such as Matt Holliday, Jason Bay, Orlando Hudson, Randy Wolf and John Lackey…

According to Eddie Bajek and MLB Trade Rumors, both Fernando Tatis and Carlos Delgado project to be Type B Free Agents, meaning, assuming the Mets offer each player arbitration, the team could receive an additional draft pick for between the first and second round.

the thing is, i have to think there is zero chance the Mets offer either tatis or delgado arbitration, because they’ll both probably accept it… i mean, i can’t think anyone is ponying up a multi-year deal to get delgado, especially since he never made it back from the disabled list this year because he pulled a stomach muscle while rehabbing his hip

By the way, in a post to Twitter, SNY’s Ted Berg points out, “The Rockies drafted and developed all 10 of their top 10 2009 plate-appearance leaders.”