Jason Bay could become part of a platoon by May

If Jason Bay is struggling during May, “the Mets could explore other options, including a platoon in left,” Mike Puma of New York Post reports, according to a team official.

However, two other team officials told Puma it’s still too early to ‘seriously worry’ about Bay.


Matthew Cerrone: Really? I started worrying about Bay a year and a half ago…

He has looked awful this spring, which wouldn’t be so bad if he didn’t look awful most all of last year. I know, I know, he looked good in September, but his success was mostly against left-handed pitching, which had not been a problem for him all year. He was bullied by right-handed pitching all season, and the same was the case at the end of the year. He’s a problem. There is no getting around it. That said, I do think he can be good enough, so long as David Wright, Ike Davis and Lucas Duda are hitting.

Ted Berg and I had an interesting talk the other day about what the percentage chance is that Bay is the starting left-fielder next season. Ted seems to think there is actually a good chance Bay is on the bench this summer, with Kirk Nieuwenhuis in left field instead. I too think this is possible, but unlikely. Why? I think Bay would have to be SO bad, and the team will have to playing SO good, for them to make a move. If Bay is so-so, or even playing like he did last year, and if the team is so-so as well, I assume the Mets will want to give him every chance to prove his worth, as they will undoubtedly look to trade or cut him next winter. However, if the team is playing well and believes they have a chance at a playoff spot, and Bay is getting in the way, they should make that move sooner than later.

By the way, according to my 9-month-old daughter, who found my laptop this morning, Bay is qqazqazZAqzaazZAWqsgggfggg – or at least that’s what she typed.



Bay is hitting .254  in two seasons with the Mets. So far this spring, Bay is batting .195 (8-for-41) with no homeruns and no runs batted in.

Bay will earn $32 million during the next two seasons with a $16 million option (that has a $3 million buyout) based on plate appearances.