MLB, players announce new CBA

Today, Major League Baseball and the Players Association announced a new, five-year Collective Bargaining Agreement, which includes the following: 

  • The top 15 markets will be ineligible for revenue sharing by 2016.
  • Instant replay will be expanded to include fair/foul balls and balls which are trapped by fielders.
  • Rosters can expand to 26 players for doubleheaders.
  • The minimum salary will rise from $414,000 to $480,000 in 2012 with a rise to $500,000 at a point during the deal.
  • There will be a 42 percent luxury tax for teams that spend more than $178 million in 2012, and a 50 percent tax for teams who exceed that amount in 2013.
  • Free agents can no longer be ranked via the Elias Sports Bureau, and they will also no longer be classified as Type-A, Type-B. However, remaining Type-A free agents this winter will be subject to the rules of the old CBA (such as Jose Reyes).
  • The new non-tender deadline is December 2.
  • Participation in the All-Star Game will be required unless the player is unable to play due to injury or has clearance from the league.
  • Players traded in their free-agent “walk year” will not be compensation eligible under the new agreement; the player must remain with his team for a full year in order for his prior team to be eligible for draft pick compensation. The offer must be made at the end of the five-day free agent “quiet period,” and the player will have seven days to accept the offer.
  • Free agents who join a new team can only require compensation if his old team offers a new, one-year contract greater than or equal to the 125 highest paid players from the prior season. If this is the case, the player’s old team will receive the new team’s first round pick, but if the player joins a new team which has a top-10 pick, his prior team will receive a second round pick.
  • The top 22 percent of players who more than two but less than three years of major league service time (or, “Super Two’s”) will be eligible for arbitration in the new deal. Previously, this was 17 percent.
  • Teams that spend more than 5 percent over-slot in the amateur draft will be subject to a 75 percent tax. Teams that pay 5-10 percent over-slot will be subject to the tax but will also lose a first-round draft choice the next season. Teams that spend 10-15 percent over-slot will be subject to a 100 percent tax and the loss of a first and second round draft choice the next season. Teams that pay 15 percent or more over slot will be subject to a 100 percent tax and the loss of their first and second round picks in each of the next two seasons. The tax will be used as part of a revenue sharing program which benefits teams who did not go over-slot in the draft.
  • Forfeited draft picks will be given to teams in a lottery which is based on their record from the prior season.
  • The deadline to sign draft picks will be from July 12-18 – the old deadline was August 15.
  • Teams cannot offer their draft picks a major league contract.
  • There will be a lottery for lower revenue organizations to obtain more draft picks. The ten teams with the lowest revenues can win one of six picks after the first round. Teams that don’t win will be eligible for a lottery after the second round.
  • All players will be subject to HGH testing beginning in Spring Training, 2012.
  • New players cannot use the low density maple bat anymore.


Matt Capps, Francisco Cordero, Octavio Dotel,  Ramon Hernandez and Darren Oliver, who were previously classified as Type-A free agents this winter are now Type-B free agents, MLB announced.

However, Heath Bell, Michael Cuddyer, Kelly Johnson, Ryan Madson, Francisco Rodriguez and Josh Willingham will no longer cost their new team any draft picks.


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