Mike Scott admits to scuffing the ball in 1986

“They can believe whatever they want to believe. Every ball that hits the ground has something on it. … I’ve thrown balls that were scuffed, but I haven’t scuffed every ball that I’ve thrown.”

~ Mike Scott on accusations of
scuffing the ball during the 1986 NLCS


Vinny Cartiglia: And the truth shall set you free, Mr. Scott… I was only seven year old during this series — with my 8th birthday less than a month away — so I’d be lying if I told you I remembered the debates on whether or not Scott was actually scuffing the ball.  However, I do remember my older brother saying the Mets will “never beat the cheat in game seven.”  Years later, I figured out what he meant by that statement. In the end, it didn’t matter that Scott was scuffing the ball to make that split finger unhittable during the series, or most of the 1986 season for that matter, because the Mets got it done in six and the rest, as they say, is history.


MLB Network will be airing “1986:A Postseason to Remember” on Wednesday November 9th at 9 PM EST, hosted by one of my favorites, Bob Costas along with Tom Verducci.

The two-hour program will feature 15 revealing new interviews with key players, managers and coaches, which you can read more about here.