Mike Pelfrey's TJ surgery was successful

Mike Pelfrey underwent successful Tommy John Surgery on his right elbow yesterday, and he will be heading home to Wichita, Kansas to begin his recovery, the team announced.



Pelfrey was placed on the disabled list last week after an MRI revealed swelling in his right elbow. He visited with Dr. James Andrews on Monday, who performed the procedure yesterday.


Matthew Cerrone: In all likelihood, the team will non-tender him next Spring and then re-sign him to a deal like they did with Chris Young last year. It’s common practice in baseball, it seems. This way, the player gets the medical support and training facility of a team he knows, and the team gets the potential of a return at low cost. But, that’s about all that can be speculated on at this point. The actual injury, surgery and recovery are such a long ways away, there is no telling at this point what the future holds for Mike and his arm.


A French connection isn't going to land him, Diallos mind seemed made after Kentucky visited Sunday he was simply inviting the home team over to break the news in person that he wouldn't be attending sju. His tweets indicate that by thanking everyone who recruited him sent out late Sunday. Kansas is the best option with experienced point guards and plenty of playing time on a national stage, Kentucky is already crowded and the slice connection is overrated, Mullins is unknown to him and a French speaking teammate isn't going to change that.

I bet Mullin & Co.  wanted to show him the video on Mvouika, who appears to be an outstanding 6'6' shooting Guard who can also drive for his own shot, and passes well.  BUT most important he speaks French. Kentucky had Labissiere speaking French to Diallo during Jordan Classic to let him know he will be comfortable at Kentucky.  Only problem for Kentucky  is Labissere has academic problems.  Now SJU was just showing Diallo we had made that effort to have someone on the team that speaks French, and he happens to be a very good fifth year player.