Miguel Batista thinks the Mets are the best team in baseball

Miguel Batista said this after tonight’s loss:

[jbox color=”gray”]”Our team is going through a bad stretch right now. But, my personal belief is we’re way better than our numbers are. … I know a lot of people didn’t expect us to be as good as we have this year, but I believe this team is way, way better than what it’s been playing. And regardless of the fact what other people might think, October is not here yet. … Right now (the Nationals) are playing good baseball, but I don’t believe they’re a better team than us. They’re playing great baseball. But a better team? I believe we’re the better team. We just have to play as we’re supposed to. Every team goes through a bad stretch. I told Terry two months ago I haven’t seen a team better than us. We just have to believe how good we are and just go out there and perform. I believe we are the best team in baseball. We just have to play like one. That’s what we’re not doing.”[/jbox]

Following tonight’s game, Terry Collins┬áreiterated┬áthe team’s decision to start Batista on Saturday at Citi Field against the Dodgers.