Mets to begin modifications to dimensions tomorrow

Joe DeMayo from St. Lucie to Flushing is currently on a tour of Citi Field, and just tweeted the following:


Below are the planned modifications to the outfield wall, which includes a uniform eight-foot blue wall around the perimeter of the outfield:


Michael Baron: I can’t wait to see these changes and, most importantly, I am very much looking forward to how they impact players such as David Wright and Jason Bay. The park needed to become “fairer” and I think in a lot of ways, the announced changes have exceed my expectations.

I am also thrilled they are finally making the walls blue. It identifies with the team, it’s history, and the overall brand more than the “soot” color. In fact, “soot” has never been a part of their color scheme whatsoever, and so I never really understood why they chose to go with that color to begin with, especially since the original artist rendering of Citi Field pictured a blue wall.