Mets option Lucas Duda to Triple-A Buffalo

The Mets announced they have optioned Lucas Duda back to Triple-A Buffalo.

Duda was hitting just .241 with a .335 OBP, 12 home runs and 44 RBI with 42 walks and 94 strikeouts in 307 at-bats over 89 games this season.

Since June 22, Duda hit .164 (13-for-79) with a double, home run and two RBI with 12 walks and 29 strikeouts, during a span of 22 games.

Duda hit just .225 against left-handed pitching this season.

Yesterday, the team announced they had optioned RHP Pedro Beato to Triple-A Buffalo, while adding both Manny Acosta and Matt Harvey to the big-league roster, both of whim will be active for tonight’s game against the Nationals.


Brian Erni: Duda has struggled so mightily in the past month and a half that sending him down is probably a good idea. He’s been missing pitches to hit pretty consistently, and it’s disconcerting. Once he gets back into a strong approach, I think he’ll be fine. But right now, he seems a bit apprehensive, and it’s hurting the line up.


Mike Nichols: Even though we all saw this coming based on yesterday’s report, I’m still surprised this was the move that was made. I mean, it makes sense in terms of Duda’s struggles at the plate. But, as I said previously, it’s a mixed message the organization is sending. Duda is the least of the team’s worries at this point. Yes, they need production from the middle of the order, but let’s be honest here, Duda isn’t costing the Mets games. The starting rotation and bullpen are.

That said, I hope Duda uses this time to find himself at the plate. I love his patience, but he needs to become more aggressive and learn to hit a breaking ball. Hopefully, a stint in Buffalo helps him to live up to the potential as a consistent run producing power bat I believe he can be for the Mets.