Mets are on the fence about retiring more numbers

According to Steven Marcus of Newday, “The Mets seven-member Hall of Fame committee appears to be on the fence about retiring additional numbers.”

Tom Seaver is the only player to have his number, 41, retired. Gil Hodges, 14, and Casey Stengel, 37, were both retired in honor of their time as team manager. Jackie Robinson’s 42 is retired by every team.

“I think the general point of view is we don’t want to get to the point where it’s somewhat gratuitous and you’ve got dozens and dozens of people whose numbers are retired,” Mets VP of business operations Dave Howard told Marcus.  “Historically, from a Mets perspective, this is a very high honor.”

In a poll on during late January, 82% of more than 7,000 Mets fans who votes said the Mets should retire Keith Hernandez’s 17.


Matthew Cerrone: I’ve been saying since early 2010 that I expect the Mets to retire Mike Piazza’s 31 after he’s elected to the baseball Hall of Fame, goes in with a Mets hat, and after he releases his autobiography. They repeatedly put him on the same pedestal as Tom Seaver. Frankly, that last moment at Shea (when the team had Seaver and Piazza center stage, together, shoulder to shoulder, as players walking off that field for the last time) said everything you need to know about how they value his place in the organization’s history. To me, it’s only a matter of time…

As for Keith, I don’t know. I like that the Mets have this as such an exclusive club. The thing is, there is an element of legacy and storytelling here that is important. I can point to the outfield wall and tell my daughter about stories of Seaver. I assume I’ll be able to do the same with Piazza’s 31. But, there is no one up there associated with 1986, which was such as awesome and amazing season and such an important part of the team’s history. So, it makes sense to memorialize someone to make that connection from one era to the next.


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