Mets 50th Anniversary Celebration on SNY, pres. Citi

In conjunction with the Mets 50th Anniversary Celebration, SNY will premiere the definitive list of the ‘50 greatest Mets players’ of all-time in May.

This 60-minute program presented by Citi – entitled 50 Greatest Mets – counts down the greatest players in club history, based on tabulated votes submitted by SNY’s blue ribbon panel, which includes Gary Cohen and Howie Rose, Ralph Kiner, columnist John Harper of the New York Daily News, and Steve Hirdt, the Executive Vice President of the Elias Sports Bureau.

The 50 Greatest Mets program is a collaboration with MLB Productions, featuring rare footage from MLB’s vast library, and offering contemporary testimonials from current and former players, as well as numerous dignitaries of the game.


Matthew Cerrone: The last time this topic came up, I mentioned how the list would likely be topped by Tom Seaver and Mike Piazza, mostly because I assume that is how that specific group of panelists will vote. Baron and I then talked about how David Wright would likely be third. However, I was surprised by the large number of e-mails and Tweets I was later sent all arguing that Wright should top the list of position players, despite his young age and the legendary status of Piazza.

I hear the argument for Wright being No. 2, especially if you go simply by total WAR, or other advanced statistics, where he and Darryl Strawberry jockey back and forth (and way ahead of Piazza) depending on the metric. Of course, Wright has played more games than the other two. So, I’m not sure this can all come down to one composite statistic. Productivity is obviously a factor, but so should be loyalty, legend, pennants, position, public relations and buzz.

Next Monday, I’ll see if I can stop arguing with myself and actually create my own top 10 list based on stats, heart and hunch…