Live: Minaya and Jeff Wilpon talk to Media

Omar Minaya and Jeff Wilpon will now address reporters from the media room in Citi Field.

Update, 11:48 am:

Wilpon said he is disappointed in the team’s results, which he labeled as ‘unacceptable.’

He said the team will change their medical protocols to help limit injury, and he will personally see to it that the team does a better job communicating injuries to the media.

He said the team will continue to have one of the highest payrolls in the National League, despite being the second year of a new ballpark.

“The payroll is what Omar needs,” he said.  “There is no set limit.”

Update, 11:50 am:

Wilpon noted many of the team’s injuries were suffered on the road, where teams typically rely on the opposing team’s medical staff.

Jose Reyes deserves a lot of credit for how hard he worked to come back this season, Wilpon told reporters.  He said Reyes will most likely have surgery on his hamstring tendon, though the team is still working on a plan and will make an announcement soon.

Update, 11:56 am:

Minaya was encouraged by what he saw from Daniel Murphy, though he would not say he’s committed to him at first base next season.

He said the team is fully aware they must acquire power for the lineup, though he is not willing to say what his off-season priorities will be.

Update, 12:03 pm:

Minaya says he takes full responsibility for the failure that was 2009, and he intends to work hard to build a winning team for 2010, ‘which fans can be proud of.’

Update, 12:05 pm:

Minaya believes he and his staff must look at every aspect of the team, while putting better talent on the field.

He is open to change, and though he believes the core is capable of winning, he will always keep his options open.

Update, 12:06 pm:

Wilpon and Minaya are done speaking.