Latest from PSL: Underdog shirts, Terry's comments

1:35 pm: Jeff Wilpon had orange T-shirts printed with the Underdog logo on them for the players to wear during Spring Training, Terry Collins told reporters today.

Collins said he is embracing the notion of team being ‘underdogs,’ and says if any player has an issue with the shirt they are missing the point. Collins said he has a certain set of expectations for the way this game is supposed to be played.



2:25 pm: Collins also talked about the team’s expectations and said, “Just because we don’t have $100million contracts doesn’t mean we have a bad team.”

According to Michael Baron, Collins also said:

  • “Ike Davis is coming off injury and that’s like getting an All-Star first baseman, which he was on pace to being last year. David Wright is healthy. Jason Bay with the way he swung the last month. … And, if we get the left hander back our pitching is better, we made our bullpen better. What’s wrong with my team?”
  • He’s sees Wright and Davis as the 3-4 in the line-up.
  • It was great to have Saul Katz, Fred and Jeff Wilpon at the park today. “Through all the tough times, they love this team, they support this team. They give us total support and we just want them to know we are behind them.”
  • “I can only concern myself with the guys I have on my roster right now. I do not worry about stuff I don’t have.”
  • He watched Garrett Olsen throw BP today and was very impressed.
  • When you have a prospect pitcher, in order for him to advance he has to get innings.

In addition, Collins said he was very impressive with Lucas Duda’s batting practice.

“It’s impressive,” Collins said. “Of all the things that happened last year, one of the brightest things is Lucas Duda saying to me, ‘I can play here, and I belong here.’ … Duda has a chance to be special.”