Larkin has no regrets about never joining the Mets

Barry Larkin, who was elected to the baseball Hall of Fame this past Monday, told the New York Post he has no regrets about declining a trade that would have sent him to the Mets in 2000.

“I certainly am happy that I didn’t accept that trade” Larkin said, according to the Post.  “Being in Cincinnati for so long, I didn’t want to go to another organization as a potential rental player and play half a season.”

Larkin rejected the deal, which involved former prospect and future-bust Alex Escobar, because then-general manager Steve Phillips did not want to give him the three-year contract that Larkin was seeking.


Vinny Cartiglia: At that time, I was ticked off that Larkin denied the trade… and even more ticked at Phillips for not doing whatever he had to do to get it done, especially during the World Series that year when we were stuck watching Mike Bordick and Kurt Abbott at shortstop (the duo combined to go 3-for-16 during the five get set). In regards to the long-term contract, Phillips probably made the right move – since Larkin failed to give anything close to Hall of Fame production in any of the three following seasons. But, from a short-term point of view, I wonder how the World Series would have turned out if Larkin was playing short for the Mets.


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