Text Q&A and Video: Know Your Enemy, Phillies Edition

I got a chance to talk with Phillies blogger Rich Baxter of FightinPhillies.com of to get a sense of what Phillies fans feel about their team heading into this series.

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Vinny Cartiglia: Since our last chat, the Phils have played .500 ball while struggling to score runs; minus a 13 run game versus Atlanta.  As we begin the second week of May, what are fans saying about the club?

Rich Baxter: I think the Phillies are still lucky to be around .500, especially the way they have been playing. It’s not only a few players that haven’t done well the first five weeks, it’s most of the team. …A survey of fan feelings run the gamut of reasoning that the Phillies can still turn this season around to the extreme end that the Phillies have gone flat for good. Time to worry? Not in my opinion, now if this is the same story at the middle of June, then my opinion may change but for now it’s status quo, hope the Phillies can start finding the answers soon.

Vinny Cartiglia:  I find in New York, some fans tend to overreact with every win and loss. And so I’m wondering, with the Phillies currently sitting in the NL East basement, have fans begun to panic?

Rich Baxter: Fans really haven’t begun to panic yet for the most part. …I think for a lot of younger fans that didn’t experience the years of struggle with the Phillies in the 1980’s and 90’s, may be having a tougher time with this than the old time fans that still remember the tough times before this most recent past 5 year span of success  shows.


To get an on-field look at what’s happening with the Phillies, watch this video from Ted Berg, as he talks to Pat Gallen of Phillies Nation to preview the three-game series in Philadelphia: