Know Your Enemy pres. by Pepsi Max: Nationals Edition

Here is my Q&A with William Yoder of the Nats Blog to get a sense of how Nationals fans feel about their team heading into tonight’s game against the Mets

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Vinny Cartiglia: With the Nats sitting atop of the NL East, how do fans feel about possible shutting down Stephen Strasburg due to an innings limit?

William Yoder: Shutting down Strasburg at the start of September when the team is in the midsts of their first pennant race in history is an absolutely heart breaking but inevitable situation… Nationals fans, however, understand and have come to accept it as a neccessary and responsible sacrifice. General manager Mike Rizzo has done absolute wonders for this team since taking over for Jim Bowden, and while fans may be disappointed with his choice here, they trust his decision making on player personnel and development.  He has helped vault us to the top of the National League in just a handful of years, and has earned the right to make these types of decisions.  That being said, we are still confident in our team without Strasburg.  We have arguable the best rotation in the game, and even with the best pitcher in baseball watching from the dugout, the team would have a playoff rotations of Gio Gonzalez (2.89 ERA), Jordan Zimmerman (2.43 ERA), Edwin Jackson (3.89 ERA), and Ross Detwiler (3.43 ERA).  That’s still a damn good rotation that any team would kill to have going into a playoff series.

All in all, it will be a huge loss, and one that may take the team from being a legitimate World Series contender to just a strong playoff one, but it’s a loss that I feel this team is more than capable of handling.  Losing an ace is one thing, but losing an ace in the rotation of aces is far less daunting.



For an on-field take on the Nationals, here is Matthew Cerrone talking with Joe Drugan of