I'm Reading: about Figueora, Citi Field and 1979

Adam, the Brooklyn Met Fan, wonders if, at 35 years old, it’s all starting to come together for Nelson Figueroa.

According to Fan Graphs, Johan Santana and Bobby Parnell are among players whose stock is falling.

Ed Ryan of Mets Fever feels, if this season has told us anything, it’s that the Mets have a good bench.

In a post to Mike’s Mets, Barry Duchan explains why, overall, he is very pessimistic about the next few years.

Tommy Craggs of Deadspin continues the Why Your Stadium Sucks Tour, and today tackles Citi Field, noting, “It’s the home of the Mets, yet it took them until August to actually have more reminders of the Mets than the Brooklyn Dodgers.”

Lastly, in a column for SNY.TV, Michael Salfino compares today’s Mets lineup with their 1979 lineup.