I'm Reading: about Being Healthy, Castillo & Banners, etc.

Kid Carter at Oh Murph has started a petition to bring Julie Alexandria back to Beer Money.

the question is: does julie want to be back

In a post to Brooklyn Met Fan, Adam explains why he would root for the Phillies against the Yankees in the World Series.

According to Coop, from My Summer Family, because they’ve been so bad, the 2009 Mets have allowed her to eat better, drink less and, generally, take better care of herself.

Kingman of the Real Dirty discusses whether to keep Luis Castillo as the team’s second baseman next season.

the other side of this debate is, what team in MLB will be willing to acquire castillo and his two-year, $12 million contract

In a post to Pick Me Up Some Mets, Zoe Rice presents three new banners for the outfield wall at Citi Field to commemorate the painful 2007, 2008 and 2009 seasons.

Mike Silva of NY Baseball Digest looks back at five memorable September Call Ups for the Mets.

…i still can’t believe Bobby Valentine was able to get to the World Series with an outfield of Timo Perez, Jay Payton and Benny Agbayani…

In a report for SNY.TV, Howard Megdal explains how the 2009 Phillies are playing like the 2008 Mets.

if only the 2009 Mets were playing like the 2008 Phillies…

In a post to his Mets Report, John Delcos looks at the key issues remaining for the Mets this season.

Lastly, don’t forget, the final Amazin Tuesday is coming to Two Boots in NYC tonight, which you can learn more about here.