If Batista struggles, Harvey could start next week

The Mets’ reluctance of exposing Miguel Batista to waivers played a strong factor in his selection over Matt Harvey for Saturday’s start against the Dodgers, a team source said yesterday, according to Mike Puma of the New York Post.

According to Puma, if Harvey was selected Batista would have been exposed to waivers, possible leaving the Mets without a backup plan if Harvey was unsuccessful.

Meanwhile, the team source told the Post, “You might see Harvey here next week” if Batista bombs on Saturday.


Matthew Cerrone: I have been saying I would start Batista at home, give Harvey one more start for Buffalo, then have him meet up with the team in Arizona (away from New York) to ease in to the situation. As I said last week, after Harvey’s last start, I talked to a scout I trust who said he believes Harvey is ready to be promoted. He has shown a slight improvement in his command of late, the scout said, though he could simply be in a good groove. In either case, this scout believes there is no questioning Harvey’s ‘stuff,’ at this point it’s simply a matter of him pitching for the Mets, gaining experience, learning from coaches and players and becoming more confident.