How long can the Mets keep down Matt Harvey?

Here is a message sent to me on Twitter last night:

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In his last three start at Triple-A, Harvey has allowed just two runs in 17 innings pitched, while striking out 13 and walking five.

However, the word on Harvey continues to be that he needs a bit more work on how  he commands his fastball, and he’ll need better control of his off-speed pitches to succeed at the big-league level. Plus, as I’ve mentioned before, the team’s policy seems to be that guys must throw around 130 to 150 innings or so in Double-A or above before being considered for the big-league rotation. Harvey has thrown around 100 innings total. He’s getting there, but this puts him on target to be considered just after the All-Star break in July.

It’s seems crazy, though, because he’s clearly the best pitcher in the organization, who is not currently on the big-league roster… yet, he’s likely to keep working in Triple-A before getting promoted. Personally, I think – if I assume he’ll be up soon – I’d be more inclined to abandon that pre-requisite innings-pitched rule now and promote him off a series of good starts when I know his confidence is high. It’s not like the Mets don’t need a starter, and how much worse could he be than Miguel Batista or Jeremy Hefner. But, it seems the Front Office might have a different plan… and that’s fine too. We’re talking four, maybe five games until Chris Young is ready. Is it worth derailing Harvey’s development for the sake of, say, two or three extra wins? Maybe. But, I don’t have a crystal ball. And the Front Office must do what they think is best long-term and short-term.

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