Matt Harvey will have surgery within a week or so

In the next week or so, Matt Harvey will have Tommy John surgery that could force him to most all of 2014.

Oct. 17, 6:50 pm: The team is still coordinating details and the surgery is expected to occur in the next week or so, Harvey’s agent, Scott Boras, told media in Los Angeles (,¬†Newsday)

Oct. 17, 11:28 am: The Mets are not yet aware when Harvey will undergo surgery (ESPN NY).

Matthew Cerrone, Lead Writer

Oct. 16, 9:00 am: This is a bit odd, but I’d be curious to know if the team’s rehab coordinator and training staff were unaware of Harvey’s plans, too, since it’s most important that they are in the loop. If I had to bet, Rubin’s source is someone in the front office, who may or may not be responsible for knowing Harvey’s every move. Also, it’s typical that the player’s people would book the surgery in the off-season, because of travel. I suppose there is a chance this all went down quickly, and Rubin just happened to ask during the downtime. Or, the Mets are totally ignorant as to what their best player is doing, as some fans and media want to conclude. I don’t know the truth.

In either case, I think it’s far to raise an eyebrow over one front office person not knowing Harvey’s plans. I’d raise both and think, ‘Here we go again,’ only if I learned it was the entire team, GM, training staff and coordinators included, but it doesn’t seem like that is the case…

Oct. 15, 4:00 pm: The goal is to do it before December 1, which would allow him to have a a typical off-season regimen a year from now, between 2014 and 2015. Theoretically, the sooner he has the surgery the sooner he may be able to pitch again. However, there is no telling how his body will heal or what will happen during surgery. Also, as it’s been explained to me by a few experts, it’s very important for him to get himself in the best physical condition possible in advance of the surgery, which can significantly speed up the recovery.

So, in some cases, waiting, rehabbing and preparing properly before the surgery can actually get him healthier faster.

Anyway, the point is, he won’t return in 2014.¬†Also, as Lewis Black says, we’re all our own unique snowflake, so it’s not worth speculating on another person’s elbow…