Know Your Enemy: Colorado Rockies edition

Here is my Q&A with Rockies fan David Martin from, to learn more about how Colorado fans feel about their team heading in to this three-game series with the Mets:

[jbox color=”gray”]Vinny Cartiglia: Are you and other Colorado Rockies fans buying into the teams early season success?

David Martin: Rockies fans are extremely skeptical. Before the 2011 season, the team signed Carlos Gonzalez and Troy Tulowitzki to long-term deals. Those moves put them on the radar, and many experts picked them to win the West going away and some even had them winning the World Series. With all of those expectations, the Rockies finished 73-89, miserable by any standards. In the offseason, the front office decided it was time to change the culture in the clubhouse, so they shipped off many of the fan favorites in favor of an older, more hungry group of veterans. Those veterans include Michael Cuddyer, Marco Scutaro and Jeremy Guthrie. While Cuddyer has been good, the moves did not resonate well with fans, as they took it as the team being in a constant rebuilding mode and felt that they were tricked into thinking the Rockies farm system was going to be the answer. The early success has brought some fans around, but the majority remain skeptical.

Vinny Cartiglia: How have the Rockies fans taken to Jaime Moyer? As an outsider, it still amazes me that he is not only pitching, but winning?

David Martin: Rockies fans are finally starting to accept Moyer. As mentioned earlier, Rockies fans are very skeptical of the management heading into 2012. The fact that Moyer was even in camp became the quickest way for the skeptics to rip on the team, running a 49-year old out to the mound. Many called it a gimmick, many used it as a way to point out how badly the “prized” farm system has failed. However, Moyer has silenced the critics, showing Rockies fans that it doesn’t take a 97 MPH fastball to get hitters out. He has yet to hit 80 MPH on the radar gun in 2012, but his 2.28 ERA through four starts is quickly showing Rockies fans that he is legitimate. He is a reminder that pitching is an art that can be learned. Its not just about blowing it passed hitters.[/jbox]

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