Final Score: Mets 10 Phillies 6

The Mets (18-13) completed a three-game sweep of the Phillies (14-18) tonight, winning 10-6 at Citizen’s Bank Park.

[jbox color=”white”]The least you should know

  • The Mets trailed 2-1, tied it in the sixth, then trained 4-2, but rallied to score 8 runs in the final three innings for their 11th come-from-behind win of the year.
  • Dillon Gee let up four runs in 5.2 innings.
  • Andres Torres, Daniel Murphy, David Wright and Scott Hairston combined for 8 hits and 5 RBI at the top of the batting order.
  • D.J. Carrasco pitched the ninth inning for his first appearance of the year.
  • Ike Davis hit a three-run home run.
  • This is the first time in six years that the Mets swept a series in Philadelphia.[/jbox]

To see a boxscore from tonight’s game, click here for SNY.TV’s.


Matthew Cerrone: I’m rather blown away by this team’s ability to fight back in these games, night after night. I’m a fairly positive fan. I want to believe. It’s not difficult for me to buy in to a storyline, because I want to have fun and enjoy the game. But, even I have struggled of late to believe these guys can keep doing this again and again… and yet they do. They were living in fear of falling below .500 last Saturday, and now they’re five up and growing in confidence. I love it and Terry Collins needs to get a ton of credit. Let’s not go bananas here and anoint him Manager of the Year, because there is A LOT of baseball yet to be played, and the current state of the Phillies bullpen can make any team look miraculous. However, Terry is connecting with these guys and that shouldn’t be ignored. It’s been great to watch and I desperately hope it continues…

The fact that this all went down against the Phillies (and Roy Halladay and Cliff Lee) just makes it all the better. The Mets smacked them around, and I hope the Phillies are a bit embarrassed and concerned about the direction of their season.

In regards to individual players, Ike looked strong at the plate tonight. He had a nice swing on a double earlier in the game. Later, he teed off on a pitch down in the zone, which he had been missing earlier in the year, but tonight he crushed it for a home run.

Hat’s off to Manny Acosta, as well, who has struggled at times this season, but tonight he did a terrific job getting a double play in a scoreless seventh inning, after the Mets had scored three runs in the top of the inning to take the lead and continue momentum.


W.B. Mason Post Game Extra:

Thank  You Boys
Thank You Boys

Jeez, Kreider's points per game goes down, but Ryan Malone's goes up? M'kay...

Randy Stewart
Randy Stewart

Most of these seem way off. If true, we're in for a long season.

Josh MacIntosh
Josh MacIntosh

If Kreider really only manages 38 points I'll eat my hat. These TSN Projections are almost always a load of crap