Fans react to orange underdog t-shirts

This afternoon at Digital Domain Park, Terry Collins told reporters Jeff Wilpon had orange T-shirts printed with the Underdog logo on them for the players to wear during Spring Training.

Here are some fan reactions on Twitter to those shirts:

[jbox color=”blue”]MHealeyBasebal: “Underdog t-shirts? Seriously?

Kranepool: “Just when I thought Jeff Wilpon couldn’t embarass Mets organization more than he has he comes with Underdog T-shirt just like his footy pj’s”

CoreyNYC: “Mets Fans: Complaining about EVERYTHING since 1962”

TheHappyRecap: “It is cool they aren’t hiding from the scrutiny and using it as a rally cry.”

MetsJetsNets88: “I don’t have a problem with the Mets embracing the underdog mentality. That being said, those shirts are fugly.”

FreeBald: “I love the attempt to foster team unity & create a rallying cry, but they are not attractive.”

Bosco86: “Wilpons should have gotten shirts that read Overpaid & Underachieving.”

mBlASzka: “The underdog shirt is stupid. I like the idea but get a better logo.”

umholtz: “Underdog shirts? Really?”

AlanLern: “The Mets can’t do anything right it seems, a tee shirt to have fun and motivate the players. This is not a big deal.”[/jbox]


Vinny Cartiglia: At first, when I saw the shirt, I was kind of taken back. In that, it seemed a bit childish.¬† However, after an hour or so to really think about it. I’m o.k. with it. I’m all for rallying cries. Or, using something — like these shirts — for extra motivation.¬†After speaking to some fans, it appears to me, that they are more upset that it was Jeff Wilpon’s idea rather than a players idea. However, in the end, it doesn’t matter because they are underdogs. And so, if this is something that motivates players, then I’m all for it.