eMailbag: Is Sandy done for the off-season?

Bryan in new york city sent in the following e-mail:

[jbox color=”blue”]”Now that the Mets have signed their “swingman,” with Miguel Batista, what do you think is Alderson’s next move for the Mets?”[/jbox]

I am pretty confident this is it for moves that impact the 40-man roster, which is what Anthony DiComo reported yesterday for That said, I do know they’re still looking to add depth to the infield and pitching staff. The way I understand it, they have reached out to more or less every player on the open market who you probably find appealing and offered a small base pay on a minor-league deal. I mean, it’s going to stick to someone, because there are only so many big-league spots open around the league and yet lots of players still looking for work. So, I bet they acquire at least one or two more players on minor-league deals who will be invited to compete in spring training.

In particular, I’d like to see them reel in least one more guy for the middle infield, bullpen and starting rotation. For instance, Carlos Guillen or Edgar Renteria would be a good option for shortstop and second base. I’m not expecting these guys to put up their career-best numbers, but they’re worth giving a shot to on such a low-risk contract. So, if they’re willing, why not?