Ike Davis doesn't believe minors will help

According to Steven Marcus of Newsday, Ike Davis does not believe being sent down to the minors will help him.

“You’ve got to do it up here,” Davis said, according to Marcus.  “If you want to be a big-league baseball player, you’re going to have to hit here. …It’s not going to help me down there. If I hit .400 down there, what’s it going to do up here? You can’t just hit in the minor leagues. That’s not going to help.”

In addition, Davis told Newsday he feels he has been hitting the ball much better over the last two weeks.

In 171 at-bats this season, Davis is hitting just .164 with 10 extra-base hits and a .227 on-base percentage.


Matthew Cerrone: That is exactly what he should say. I’d expect nothing less. However, it doesn’t make him correct. He looks totally lost and like a shell of the player who was in that box prior to injuring his ankle. Ike has a ton of talent, but this happens. It’s not the end of the world. If Terry Collins and Dave Hudgens suggest he needs to be sent down, and Sandy Alderson agrees and can facilitate it, then it should happen, regardless of how Ike feels about the situation.

The argument in his favor is that, for now, the team is winning in his absence and his defense hasn’t suffered and is still very important to the infield. Personally, I don’t know enough about the psyche of big-league hitters to know whether this makes sense. I defer to the experts. That said, when Ron Darling and Keith Hernandez say on air, and other ex-players tell me when I ask, that Ike needs to go down, it signals to me that it’s at least not a terrible idea. But, then what? Lucas Duda to first base, Jason Bay in left, Kirk Nieuwenhuis in right?