David Wright is leading All Star voting for NL 3B

David Wright leads all National League third basemen in voting for this year’s All-Star Game, which will be played July 10 in Kansas City.

Wright, who has 1,358,992 votes, is followed by Pablo Sandoval (1,103,650), then David Freese (1,095,206) and Chipper Jones (1,054,586).

According to results sent from MLB, no other Mets position players appear in the top five voting for their respective positions.


Brian Erni: Wright certainly has the credentials to earn his sixth All Star appearance. He’s first in the league in Offensive Wins Above Replacement (WAR), and third in overall WAR, trailing only Joey Votto of the Reds and Michael Bourn of the Braves. His batting average is third best (.352), and he’s second in on-base percentage (.454) and OPS (1.030).  Never mind third basemen, Wright has been one of the most dominant players in the league during the first half of the year. Meanwhile, Pablo Sandoval just returned from a month-long stint on the disabled list, and while David Freese has more home runs (12 against Wright’s 8) and RBI (40 vs. 34), he’s hitting just .271 with a .321 OBP.


Michael Baron: Assuming RA Dickey continues along this amazing path, he has to be on the All-Star team. The big question is: Should he start the game for the National League. He has been nothing short of amazing this season, perhaps the best pitcher in the National League to date. He continues to reinvent himself and find creative ways to become more and more effective with each outing. His new rising knuckleball is as good as any pitch that anyone can throw in the Major Leagues and, as a result, he has the capability of getting most anyone out with it, hence the 2.44 ERA overall and the 1.64 ERA if his April 15 start against the Braves is subtracted.


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