MLB agents and officials think Wright will take this offer

“David Wright will take this offer,”’s Buster Olney said today, after speaking with a number of agents and officials who aren’t involved in these talks.

“There’s no guarantee that he’ll get that a year from now,” one agent told Olney.

Olney thinks Wright should look to Juan Gonzalez’s experience in the mid 90s. Back then, Gonzalez turned down a $151.5 million contract from the Tigers when he was the same age as Wright, 29. Gonzalez never got another offer close to that after an injury-plagued season.

Matthew Cerrone, Lead Writer

I wrote this earlier, but it seems more relavent in this post, following Buster’s comments: “How on earth does Wright pass up $140 million. I don’t know how you leave that much money on the table. It’s crazy, to me. Sure, he wants to play for a winner. I get it. But, everyone says that, and even still, the odds are low that a MLB player will ever get a ring. There is no guarantee, I don’t care where you go, not even the Bronx. In exchange for chasing a championship, he could miss the chance to make a boat-load of money here. I mean, what if Wright passes on this seven-year extension, then injures himself in a way next year (or slumps so bad) that he gets offered significantly less one year from now? He’d never live down passing on $140 million. I just don’t know how he can’t take it, right now, even if he has doubts about the future of this franchise.”