Mets offer 7 years and up to $129 million to Wright

The Mets current offer to David Wright is for seven years, and worth between $119 and $129 million, starting after 2013, according to a recent tweet from’s Ken Rosenthal.

Nov. 27, 3:39 pm: “The Mets are offering Wright a seven-year deal for $135-140 million, according to people familiar with the talks,” Jon Heyman reports for

Matthew Cerrone, Lead Writer

Nov. 27, 4:15 pm: OK, so, to keep track, that would mean, starting today, counting next season’s option, Wright would be under contract the next eight seasons (through 2020) at around $18 million per season. According to my sources, he’s been insisting on seven years and to be under contract through 2020, which is on par with Rosenthal’s report; but he has also requested $20 million per season, which is less than what is being offered.

However, if the Mets started at six years and $100 million, and Wright wanted seven years and $140 million, then Rosenthal’s report seems like a nice middle ground and a place both sides can agree… I like this.

Frankly, I’ve been hearing Wright and Sandy Alderson were more or less comfortable with one another’s demands a few weeks ago, when the two sides all met in Virginia.  So, it’s always seemed like just a matter of time << click to tweet this.

Basically, Wright has said he wants this to be his final contract. I get the impression he doesn’t plan to play too much beyond his late 30s. So, a seven-year extension, on top of his 2013 option, will keep him paid very well and under contract through his 37th birthday. The money can be worked out, but it seems security is his biggest goal. He’ll have a no-trade clause because he’s a 10-and-5 guy at that point, so he doesn’t need to worry about being out of control of his fate, either. He’ll get his money. Frankly, his endorsements, Vitamin Water money, etc., probably dwarfs any disagreement about money he may have with the team. He’ll be fine.

I know we’ll be pissing and moaning about this deal in five years, but that doesn’t make it wrong for today. The Mets need to sign him. They know it. He knows it. I’m encouraged by today’s news and rumors, and I trust something will get done sooner than later… fingers crossed.