Daily News: No Major Changes to Citi Field

“The Mets don’t intend to adjust the dimensions or wall heights at Citi Field for the 2010 season,” Adam Rubin explains in a report for the Daily News.

this is good news to me, because i like the pitcher’s park advantage, so long as the team builds around the building’s strengths

“We’re going to try to build a team with speed and defense and pitching,” Jerry Manuel told Rubin, who also speaks Wright, as well as with Greg Rybarczyk of Hit Tracker Online, about how the ballpark has influenced the team’s power.

…i think saying, ‘We’re going to build a team with speed and defense and pitching,’ i think that is still too general… i mean, every team says that, to a certain extent… seriously, when does a team ever come out and say, ‘Yes, we’re building a team that plays crap defense, has bad pitching, and only hits singles,’ nobody ever says that… it just sort of happens, despite the GM’s best intentions

…come to think of it, isn’t the pitching-speed-defense team exactly Omar Minaya said he wanted to build when he was hired five years ago, in Shea Stadium…

…instead, the Mets should be more specific… i’d like to see them put together a two– or three-year plan to develop, sign and trade for the best infield defense on the planet, have pitchers who get ground-balls on command, and an offense modeled after Whitey Herzog’s Cardinals…