Collins says he'll consider different scenarios for Bay

Yesterday, during his weekly interview on WFAN, Terry Collins told Mike Francesa that he may soon need to consider ‘different scenarios,’ when deciding what to do about Jason Bay.

Collins acknowledged that he will certainly consider dropping Bay in the order.

Following yesterday’s loss to the Nationals, Bay told reporters:

[jbox color=”gray”]“I actually feel pretty good. I’ve faced some good pitching the last couple days and it’s really a matter of just building on it. I feel like I’m having good at-bats, as far as seeing the ball and doing certain things. There were times the last few years, you’re kind of guessing and not even close. But I don’t feel like I’m there at all.”[/jbox]

Bay is batting .188 in 19 at bats this season, with three walks and eight strike outs.


Brian Erni: Thus far, I’ve been surprised by Bay’s patience early in the count. In these first six games, it seems like pitchers have been attacking Bay with a lot of first pitch fastballs in the zone, and it’s intriguing to me that he isn’t trying to jump on a pitch early to avoid falling into a pitcher’s count. That implies to me that he is feeling comfortable at the plate, despite having little results to show for it.

I know a lot of fans are frustrated with Bay and, based on his track record, justifiably so.  However, Lucas Duda has three hits all year (two of which were his two homers on last Saturday). Ike Davis broke out of an 0 for 18 with a single yesterday. And the team’s hottest hitter, David Wright, is sidelined. I think it’s fair to say that the middle of the order as a hole is struggling to find their footing, and I do believe those struggles have a trickle down effect. Once Davis and Duda get it going, I’ll be interested to see if Bay gets some more pitches to hit and finds a little bit of a groove. If not, I don’t see any way Terry won’t have to find another way to get production out of left field, whether it’s moving Bay in the order or going with some kind of platoon.


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