Buzz: Rays pick up option on Carl Crawford

According to Joe Hamrahi of Baseball Digest Daily, the Rays have picked up the $10 million option on Carl Crawford’s contract, meaning he will not be eligible for free agency until next off season.

now the question is, will they trade him

Original Post, 2:25 pm:

Joe Smith of the St. Petersburg Times believes the Rays may decide, as soon as today, whether to pick up the $10 million opinion.

“That move appears likely at some point, but an even bigger question is whether Crawford and the Rays can come to an agreement on an extension during the offseason,” writes Smith.

…i think they have to pick up the option… then, sure, explore a trade, talk extension, etc., but at least have him on board for 2010… at minimum, he’s their starting left fielder again next season, the young Desmond Jennings gets a bit more time in the minors, and the Rays could again look to trade crawford in july… or, just get draft picks for him when he leaves as a free agent one year from now… but, i just can’t see them cutting him loose, today