Astros to AL, 2 Wild Card teams coming in 2013

Bud Selig told reporters in Milwaukee today that the Houston Astros will switch to the American League, which will balance both leagues at 15 teams each.

As such, he said, there will be at least one interleague game every day.

According to, “All six divisions would then be inhabited by five teams. How the schedule will work is still a matter for consideration.”

In addition, the league will add an additional Wild Card team in each league for 2013. The two qualifying Wild Card teams will play in a one-game playoff. Selig says the league needs to do more research before determining if the new playoff system can go in to effect next year.

For what it’s worth, had the two extra Wild Card spots been added last year, the Mets would have missed the post-season by nine games instead of 13.