Alderson plans to speak with Wright's agents this season

Sandy Alderson told reporters Tuesday that he plans to speak this season with the agents for David Wright about a new contract extension.

“We certainly will talk to his agent sometime this season,” Alderson said. “I don’t want to infer that we will make an offer. We won’t make an offer. We expect to talk to his agent this season certainly.”

Alderson repeatedly reminded reporters that Wright is under team control through 2013.

“So we’ll talk to the agent this year,” Alderson said again. “We can talk about a lot of things that will come up short of an offer. And I’m not trying to suggest that we’re going to make one or not make one or what have you. I’ve said we’d like to have David here long term. I stand by that statement.”

According to Alderson, he felt the need to address local media on this topic, so to avoid having to field dozens of individual phone calls with dozens of individual questions. Instead, he thought it would be easier to address everyone at once.


Matthew Cerrone: First of all, great job by Sandy taking this bull by the horns. I’m sure beat reporters and columnists call every day. He says one thing to one person, another to some one else, talk radio interprets it as they want, fans see one quote not the other, next you think you know people are calling and writing and demanding an extension now and it all gets out of hand. To call time out, gather every one, stand there and an answer everyone’s questions equally, all at once, means the message is at least consistent and he can spend his time working on real baseball issues… you know, like actually talking to Wright’s agents (not just talking to reporters about talking to Wright’s agents).

As for the contract (or possible contract), I’ve heard from multiple agents around baseball who say it is becoming increasingly more difficult to negotiate with teams (especially in season), because NO teams say the first number and NO teams fax over formal offer sheets anymore. It’s not just the Mets, it’s everyone. So, the chance of making a formal offer in season, for any player on any team, becomes more complicated, given scheduling and in-season commitemnts.

My understanding is Wright’s agents and Alderson will have basic talks, get a sense of what each side wants, and if they all agree this is home for David, they’ll table it and hammer out a deal in the off season (during which the Mets will likely have to over pay for keeping him from free agency). If there is a sense David insists on testing free agency, like Jose Reyes insisted, then I bet they pick up his option and we begin hearing trade rumors in November, though he wouldn’t likely get dealt (if he’s ever dealt at all) until next July (after the All-Star game)…


Last week on SNY, Alderson told Gary Cohen and Ron Darling there was no “impediment” to keeping Wright long-term as long as he was interested in staying.

In addition, earlier this month, Brian Costa of the Wall Street Journal said, “The Mets are quietly preparing a long-term contract extension for Wright,” according to a baseball official familiar with the team’s thinking.