Alderson: No 'impediment' to signing Wright to extension

During last night’s telecast on SNY, Sandy Alderson discussed David Wright’s contract situation, and whether or not the organization is thinking beyond his option for 2013, saying:

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“Well I think we’ve been thinking in those terms beyond his great start. There’s no question he’s had a great start in the minds of Mets fans and certainly our front office. It has further established, not re-established, but further established his role on this team and what he means to the team. So, I think we’re all very hopeful that long-term, David will be here. At this point, I don’t see any great impediment to that occurring, as long as he’s interested in that.”


David Wright is hitting a Major League-leading .405 (60-for-148) with a league leading .500 OBP and 217 OPS+ with 16 doubles, one triple, five home runs and 28 RBI.


In a poll on MetsBlog two weeks ago, 58 percent of fans who votes said the Mets should look to sign Wright and keep him through at least 2017.

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