About Last Night: Tejada discusses 9th inning pop-up

Yesterday, Ruben Tejada went 1-for-3 with 3 RBI and scored the game winning run.

He was also part of the play that extended the game in the top of the ninth, when a pop up fell between him and Kirk Nieuwenhuis, allowing the tying runs to score.



Tejada is now batting .265 with 7 RBI and getting on base at a .345 clip. He has committed only one error in the field.

“Yeah, there was a lot of wind out there,” Tejada said after the game. “But you have to concentrate in that situation.”

Tejada added that Nieuwenhuis called him off as the ball was coming down.


Brian Erni:┬áIt was Nieuwenhuis’ ball all the way, and Kirk confirmed as much after the game. Tejada did give the play a nice effort, but it was clear he didn’t have a read on it from the start. Ironically enough, these are the two players the Mets are probably most confident in up the middle of their defense, and as the season progresses, I think they’ll save plenty of runs. It just looked like the right combination of the wind and the positioning of the fielders allowed this one to allude both of them in a big spot.

Offensively, Tejada came up with the clutch hit the Mets have lacked in the last few days when he doubled down the left field line in the seventh. I like the way Terry has rotated Nieuwenhuis and Tejada between the lead off and the eight hole, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him continue to do so, based on match ups. The same principles that are needed for a strong lead off hitter are required in the eight hole, because eight hitters aren’t likely to get challenged often with the pitcher’s spot behind them. While trying to turn over the order is different than trying to set the table for a big inning, it’s just as important. Right now, the Mets have versatility when it comes to their lineup, and that’s a great dimension to be able to boast.