2 Quotes (from Thole & Ike) after Wednesday's loss

Josh Thole, on losing two in row during David Wright’sĀ absence:

“Anytime you take a hit like that, it definitely hurts. … No doubt about it. But I think we’ve got the right group in here to overcome that. As a unit, we have to. You can’t look back and say, ‘Only if we had David,’ or ‘Only if we had this.’ No, no. We’ve got to get the job done.”


Ike Davis, on getting his first hit of the season yesterday:

“I have numbers on my average now, so that’s a good thing. Obviously, I’m getting pitched to pretty well. They’re hitting their spots and not really making too many mistakes. So I’ve got to keep being selective and hopefully they’ll miss over the plate. … You don’t want to be the first player in history to go 0-for the season. … It’s a good thing to get that out of the way and hopefully I can keep adding on.”