Wright's Intangibles

There are a multitude of reasons for the organization to workout a contract extension with Wright in the short-term. Most notably, it would show they have an ability to invest in their major league roster, as well as show they have a desire to retain their homegrown stars and build a long-term historical legacy with them. Considering he is under team control through next year, there is time to see how Wright responds to the new dimensions at Citi Field and continue his early-season success.

It’s easy to simply label Wright as the “face of the franchise,” but I don’t think that statement alone places a fair enough value on what Wright means to this club. This season he has showed a lot of character and guts, and he has showed the kind of impact he can have on his teammates. There are few players who mean as much to their franchise as Wright does to the Mets. His growth and status, even at this fairly early stage in his career, has become even more evident in this transitional point in the team’s history. And, as I had discussed with SNY’s Matt Dunn this past weekend in Miami,everyone is a fan of Wright, and there would be a certain emptiness with this franchise if the two sides parted ways. That has meaningful value and needs to be a major consideration as they hopefully get closer to a negotiation.