Zack Wheeler is ‘not going to be the savior,’ says Collins

Zack Wheeler 2 polaroidPrior to Tuesday’s game, Terry Collins cautioned fans and media against putting too much pressure on Zack Wheeler.

“I hope everybody understands if and when this guy comes, he’s not going to be the savior,” Collins said. “There’s a lot of pieces that have to work. One guy is not going to turn this around for us. It takes 25.”

Multiple reports indicate Wheeler will be promoted to the Mets at some point this month. MetsBlog’s Matthew Cerrone has said Wheeler is likely to be promoted on the road, with the decision based in part on Jon Niese’s status and the need for an extra pitcher for a double-header against the Braves in Atlanta on June 18.

He is 4-1 with a 3.86 ERA, 59 strikeouts and 24 walks over 58 1/3 innings with Triple-A Las Vegas.

“There’s been so much made of this poor kid,” Collins said. “He hasn’t pitched a game in the big leagues yet and it looks like he’s in going to be in the finals for the Cy Young.”

Michael Baron, Contributor

In talking with many fans, there is an assumption that Wheeler is going to come up here and immediately win ten games, pitch lights out baseball and match Matt Harvey pitch-for-pitch. That’s incredibly unrealistic to expect. In the case of Matt Harvey, as good as he’s been since he came up last July, he still had to go through an adjustment period last year and figure out how to become more efficient all while refining his stuff to become big-league caliber.

I would expect nothing else from Wheeler — he’s going to be here soon, and he has the stuff to be just as exciting as Harvey, if not more. But, it’s not going to happen overnight, nor is he going to single-handedly pitch the Mets back into contention. Part of the fun of this process is watching these players grow and mature with each pitch they throw, and I think it will be both fascinating and rewarding once both of these pitchers reach their peak.