On the Ryan Braun “rumor,” and Internet reaction

Matthew Cerrone, Lead Writer

Yesterday, I said the Mets have had internal discussions about Ryan Braun, according to people close to the team that I spoke to. I’ve yet to read or hear anything to suggest otherwise.

I also mentioned Milwaukee would be more likely to move Braun than Norichika Aoki, and naturally, I referenced the multiple reports indicating their interest in Ike Davis. I never wrote the Brewers were shopping Braun, planning to trade him, or that he was on his way to the Mets.

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Yet, judging by the Internet’s reaction, I was telling people to buy their orange and blue Braun jerseys soon.

SB Nation’s Rob Neyer seems to be the only person to interpret my post the way I intended, as he synthesized my message down to this:

“The Brewers would like to trade an outfielder for a first baseman, and they don’t want to trade Aoki, because he’s good and he’s cheap, so, if they have to trade Braun or Aoki, they would prefer to trade Braun, but they’re probably not going to trade either of them.”

Bingo. Thank you, Rob.

It’s crazy to me that Brewers GM Doug Melvin had to waste time during his day to answer questions from reputable reporters about, as Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Tom Haudricourt put it, “the rumor started on (MetsBlog) that the Brewers might be interested in trading Braun to the Mets.” In his report, Haudricourt hyperlinked his words to my post, the one that I never said, “the Brewers might be interested in trading Braun to the Mets,” yet he wrote it anyway.

The Daily News later reported that, “right now,” the Brewers are not looking to trade Braun, though it’s something they say is worth keeping an eye on down the road. The New York Post reported something similar, ‘discounting’ the ‘rumor.’

The way I understand it, the Brewers will listen to offers for Braun, they’re open to trading him and the Mets talked internally about it. That’s it. I have no idea if Sandy Alderson & Co. ever followed up on the idea and I never wrote that a trade was imminent.