Recapr, presented by Pepsi: Mets looking for new radio home

downloadThe Yankees and CBS Radio reached a multi-year deal that will put the Yankees on WFAN starting in 2014, Mike Francesa announced on air Wednesday.

Yesterday, Jeff Wilpon said his team is in negotiations with several other networks, which should be resolved in six weeks, the Wall Street Journal reported.

“The arrangement would bump the Mets off the station that has carried their games since WFAN’s inception in 1987,” Neil Best wrote yesterday when first reporting the story for Newsday.

According to Best, ESPN Radio, WABC and WOR are all possible landing spots for Mets radio telecasts.

“It’s a decision from both sides,” Best said on Twitter, in regards to which party made the decision to part ways.

Matthew Cerrone, Lead Writer

If this speaks to anything, it’s to the value of Mets games compared to Yankees games at this point. However, looking at baseball’s perception of where these teams will be in five years, given age, economics and farm systems, it’s a might be a “buy-high” on the Yankees and “sell-low” on the Mets… but, we’ll see.

As for the broadcast itself, remember, Howie Rose and Josh Lewin work for WFAN, but the Mets essentially tell the radio station who will be broadcasting their games. So, I assume they’ll simply bring Rose and Lewin to wherever the team ends up.

Knowing what I know about sports media in this city, I find it hard to believe the team and the local ESPN affiliate will ever reach a deal, so that leaves WOR or simply replacing the Yankees on WCBS 880 AM. It’s worth noting for Connecticut fans, like me, WCBS’ broadcast was also simulcast on WICC, so hopefully that would be the same if the Mets ended up there, as well.

In the end, I don’t really care. I listen to a lot of games, but I do it through the MLB AtBat mobile app. I trust the broadcast team will remain the same. So, if I’m disappointed about anything, it’s no longer hearing the Mets-WFAN jingle before, during and after games. F-A-N-dah-dah-daht! Recapr, presented by Pepsi, takes a look at the reaction to the reports that the Mets will leave WFAN in 2014.


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