Mets leaving WFAN, Yankees could replace them

downloadThe Yankees and CBS Radio are close to a deal that would put the Yankees on WFAN starting in 2014, according to Newsday’s Neil Best.

12:09 p.m.: Jeff Wilpon confirmed that reports of his team leaving WFAN are “fairly accurate,” and the team is in negotiations with several other networks, which should be resolved in six weeks (Castillo, Wall Street Journal).

“The arrangement would bump the Mets off the station that has carried their games since WFAN’s inception in 1987,” he adds.

Best lists ESPN Radio and WOR as possible landing spots for Mets radio telecasts.

“It’s a decision from both sides,” Best said on Twitter, in regards to which party made the decision to part ways.

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Matthew Cerrone, Lead Writer

Wow. That’s huge. On one hand, I wouldn’t mind seeing a shake up in how this team is covered during the day, which I think would be impacted by a move to, say, ESPN Radio. However, WFAN is so far reaching, traditional and impactful on this city’s news cycle, it might be bad to pull them out of that conversation. It’s too bad SNY doesn’t have a radio station, since that would seem to be an ideal creation. In either case, I suspect Howie Rose and Josh Lewin will land wherever the broadcast ends up, since they’re wildly popular and the team more or less dictates who calls their games. Stay tuned, I guess…

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