The Mets have 5 days to pick up Dickey’s $5.5M option

Last night, the Giants won their second World Series in three seasons.

Starting today, the┬áMets have the standard five days to decide whether to pick up R.A. Dickey’s $5.5 million option.

Matthew Cerrone, Lead Writer

Based on an educated guess, I now put the chances of Dickey being signed or traded at 50 percent. Frankly, I was far more confidence a deal could get done weeks ago. For him, every day that passes, I convince myself more and more that he could be traded. There is no good argument for signing Dickey to a four- or five-year deal. At the same time, teams will give up good, young talent in trade to get him for one season making reasonable money. It’s going to be a more complicated and more pressing decision than Wright, who, again, can be delayed if needed…

Here are poll results from last week on MetsBlog that asked how Mets fans would handle Dickey this winter: