Wright will not sign extension this winter if Reyes departs

Andy Martino of the Daily News talked with executives from around Major League baseball familiar with the Mets’ thinking and, based on his conversations, he says:

  • It is highly unlikely David Wright will be traded this winter, no matter what happens with Jose Reyes.
  • Alderson would have to be “bowled over” to deal him.
  • Alderson will listen to offers, but will be strongly disinclined to deal Wright.
  • Citi Fields new dimensions are high among the reasons why the Mets are reluctant to trade Wright this winter.
  • The Mets will become more aggressive in shopping Wright if the club struggles early in 2012.

In addition, sources close to Wright’s camp have told Martino his agents Seth and Sam Levinson do not plan to seek a contract extension this off-season, and people close to the team predict Wright’s contract will remain “status quo.”


Matthew Cerrone: I still expect Wright to be on the Opening Day roster. The way I understand it, the team is more likely to consider trading Wright next summer (if they’re struggling, plus if there is a market for him). It sounds to me like the Mets will listen to offers, because I think that’s policy on every player. However, in the end, Wright stays because the market for him is weak right now. Plus, he’s coming off what is probably the worst season of his career. In other words, it’d be easier, and maybe more profitable, to keep him and see how he behaves with new dimensions in Citi Field … then explore trading him or signing him to an extension next summer depending on the situation around him.


Vinny Cartiglia: In conversations I have had with other fans on Facebook and Twitter, it is surprising to me how many are in favor of trading Wright. I sense people understand the need to acquire prospects and build for the future, but it’s David Wright. And, while I admit at times, even I — a huge Wright supporter — have grown frustrated with his play, he has been the face of the franchise for so long it would just feel weird not seeing him in blue and orange.


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