Wright & Terry react to Wilpon's comments

David Wright e-mailed ESPN New York and the Daily News to say:

Fred is a good man and is obviously going through some difficult times. There is nothing more productive that I can say at this time.”

Also, there is this from Twitter…

Exactly. It’s funny, because the more I read my e-mail, check the hundreds of comments to already appear here and in responding to Twitter and checking Facebook, and listening to WFAN, it’s clear that most Mets fans are not angry about what Fred Wilpon said. In fact, I think most people agree. Instead, we’re angry and concerned that he said it… and I wonder if the players feel the same way?

Updated at 11:28 am:

In a response to this story at his blog, Ted Berg says, “As for the short- and long-term fallout from all this? I don’t know. Seems like people have already determined conclusively that Wilpon’s words will a) create a distraction for the current club and b) make it so future free agents will not want to join the Mets. Both seem possible, but also quite possibly overblown.”