Wright took infield and batting practice today

David Wright says he is on schedule and insists he will play again this season, he told reporters Monday at Citi Field.

Wright traveled from Port St. Lucie to be with the Mets in New York this week, where he is expected to face live pitching during his rehab from a strained hamstring.

5:30 pm: Wright took infield and batting practice on Tuesday at Citi Field.

10:20 am: Wright said he has not run the bases yet, but plans to do so soon.

“I don’t think the clock is going to run out,” he added. “I think I’ll be back at least for a larger chunk of the remainder of the games. That’s kind of the goal, and I haven’t really even thought about not playing those games. That hasn’t really crossed my mind. … Originally they told me it was a six-week injury, two weeks in they told me it was a six-week injury. Nothing’s changed.”

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Matthew Cerrone, Lead Writer

Sept. 10, 4:39 pm: Wright wants to get back, but has also said he understands he can’t rush back and risk further injury. That’s the concern, right? He pushes himself, gets back on field, but he isn’t 100 percent healed and he injures the hamstring again, making it worse, and possibly turning it in to a chronic condition. On the other hand, as a leader, is it important for him to hustle, work, and fight his way back, even if just for one game, because it sets a hard-working tone?

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