Work has started on Citi Field's new dimensions

The Mets have already started renovations to Citi Field, according to people I have talked with (who have been to the ballpark over the last week).

They say the new distances to the outfield wall have been marked on the ground. It sounds to me like the new wall in right-center field totally eliminates the current warning track, which would support Adam Rubin’s report, and Mike Francesa’s report, indicating that wall will come in to 390 feet. Also in right field, it looks like the Mo’s Zone’s wall will cut straight across, rather than at an angle. Lastly, it sounds like there¬†will be a new wall in center field, basically where the warning track is now, and it will be the height of the lower half of the original wall.

And so, based on what these people are describing, and based on what Rubin and Francesa have said, I’m guessing the new outline might look like this:



Last week, David Lennon of Newsday said the team will likely make an official announcement about changes to the ballpark after the World Series. Rubin reported the same thing this weekend on his blog for ESPN New York.