Mets announce promotional schedule, fans were anticipating more

Jeff Wilpon said early Wednesday that his front office was working hard the previous night. In a separate statement he said he hoped to have an announcement later in the day. This was interpreted by some reporters and fans to indicate a pending player acquisition.

Sandy Alderson told reporters he was confused by Wilpon’s statement.

The organization later sent out a press release announcing promotional events and ticket opportunities, much to the disappointment of fans online.

4:06 pm: Kristie Ackert of the Daily News says she is among the reporters who misinterpreted Wilpon’s words. (Twitter). “He did not intend to imply a move was coming,” she added.

Matthew Cerrone, Lead Writer

3:00 pm: I hope the Mets are aware of how bad this looks to their hungry fans. I mean, while 99.9 percent of their online fanbase were typing with their hair on fire, moaning and groaning about feeling mislead and disappointed, the team is tweeting about Huey Lewis and Boyz II Men. I think this actually raises expectations and increases pressure to improve the roster… as if there wasn’t enough pressure and high expectations already. Yes, fans didn’t need to work ourselves up and read in to Wilpon’s words. However, it speaks to just how thirsty we are for action, which should be a note to the team about our mental state…

3:45 pm: Wilpon said the Mets met with a player Tuesday night, ESPN New York’s Adam Rubin told SNY’s Mostly Mets Podcast on Wednesday.

“Alderson subsequently strolled by, not too long ago, and, I won’t say he contradicted Jeff, but he seemed very candid and forceful that there’s nothing imminent,” Rubin said.

2:02 pm: The Mets announced free T-shirt Fridays, post-game concerts (Boyz II Men and Huey Lewis and the News), fireworks and other promotional events surrounding the 2014 schedule.

1:59 pm: Alderson seemed genuinely surprised when he was told that Wilpon indicated the Mets were close on something, he then made a strange face and walked away (Puma).

1:57 pm: Alderson insists nothing is imminent, nothing is close, “no, no, no,” he said (Rubin).

12:21 pm: Talking to media in Orlando, Wilpon said the team was working late Tuesday, meeting with teams, agents and one player.

“We’re open for business,” Wilpon said (Lennon). “I’d say there’s three, four, five different balls in the air, we’ll see which one lands first.”

He later said  he was hopeful the team would make an announcement on something late Wednesday (McCulloughAckertLennon).

Matthew Cerrone, Lead Writer

12:21 pm: I don’t even know what to say here… I can’t for the life of me understand why he made these comments, so I’ll just sit here and hope for the best. They better not be announcing some ticket package or some other marketing or promotional item. The fanbase is way to tied up and twisted right now to hint at an acquisition and then not have it come to fruition.